The Swedish Military Music Society

The Swedish Military Music Society with The Swedish March Archive, abbreviated MMS, aims to:

  • Promote the interest in, awareness of and practice of military music in general and marching music in particular.
  • Do research within said areas.
  • Gather and preserve all kinds of material relating to Swedish military music and Swedish marching music.
  • Cherish the Swedish military music traditions.
  • Ensure that the cultural heritage and the legal rights of marching music are respected

The community’s area of activity also includes military music related areas, such as military traditions, as well as the history of uniforms and ceremony history.

Any person interested in military music can be accepted for membership of the society, either by applying for entry or being proposed by a member for inclusion. In addition, an association, institution or company related to the activities of the community can be adopted as a member.

The birth of the composer Sam Rydberg (“The march king of Sweden”) on the 27th of October 1885 is annually celebrated by the society.

The bugle call of the society (Swedish: Igenkänningssignal) consists of a signal according to the image below to be played on the bugle (Swedish: Jägarhorn) in Bb.

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